Anesthesia Types

Anesthesia types vary for different orthopedic procedures, and they are individually determined based upon what benefits the person most for that particular surgery, as well as what is the safest to perform in relationship to the overall health of that person.

Many factors contribute to determining which anesthesia type is the best for you: age, general health, procedure type, duration of surgery, in-patient or out-patient procedure and other potential risk factors, such as hypertension, lung diseases, heart disease etc.

At some point in time, someone will inevitably undergo some kind of orthopedic surgical procedure requiring some form of anesthetic. It is your right and responsibility to be aware of what it is, how it works on your body and which type is best suited for you, your procedure and your safety.

Unfortunately, too many individuals still possess the old mind-set of not asking questions about what will happen to their bodies. You will see these comments repeatedly throughout this site; encouraging everyone to change their attitudes about asking important questions about what happens to them, and getting deserved answers from those who will be treating you.

We all know what anesthesia is, right? It’s where people are put to sleep, or given a “saddle block” or have an area “numbed” for some reason. Well, we all know a LITTLE about it, but these pages will broaden your knowledge so that, if you’re ever in a position to require one for any reason, you’ll know what it is, what you can expect it to do and how it is supposed to work.

In these ensuing pages, we’ll discuss the various types;

general , where the patient is rendered unconscious;

regional , where a region or segment of the body is anesthetized;

local , where "numbing" solutions are injected into specific areas for localized work.

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