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With respect to an orthopedic surgeon search,or any physician for that matter, today’s medical culture and climate dictates that people are no longer “just patients”.

The old paradigm that; "you don't question your health care provider" or "I don't need to research my provider, if he/she wasn't good, he/she wouldn't be a doctor." just doesn't hold up anymore.

You have the right, no, the obligation to be certain that orthopedic surgeons, as well as any other providers, are qualified and are the right choice for your needs.

We as individuals must change our perceptions and expectations to a more comsumeristic approach, because if we don't "do our homework" on the professionals who will be treating and caring for us, we have no one else to blame for unwanted outcomes due to lack of competence, experience or providers with bad track records.

People are becoming knowledgeable, smart and savvy health care consumers who want, no, DEMAND information on such important things as physician quality, hospital infection rates, legal issues pertaining to specialists and facilities and ability levels for performing surgical procedures.

Conducting a quality orthopedic surgeon search, or for any health care provider for that matter, is a critical element to your receiving top quality care. You owe it to yourself to be a certain as possible that your potential provider is qualified, free from litigation and is competent to treat your medical/orthopedic needs.

Unlike years ago when a doctor’s word and recommendation was “gospel”, patient/consumers of today demand more, AND they want a choice.

More and more, people are utilizing the Internet to locate physicians, physical therapists, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies for the purposes of maximizing their knowledge and cost effectiveness.

The down side is, there are so many places to go to search health care providers,how do you know which one has the right information?. WhereToFindCare.com is a professional site, created and managed by health care professionals, so that people like us have a quality, objective and informative place to go to find out what we need to know about out providers and hospitals.

Hospital mortality and infection rates are becoming increasingly important topics to patients, especially those who may be in need of a joint replacement. This company conducts extensive research on issues such as sanctions, lawsuits, license suspensions etc.

Click on the link above and get the best, most accurate and current information possible.

So, if you're looking for an orthopedic surgeon, or you have been told you need some kind of orthopedic surgery, you now have the added benefit of evaluating any orthopedic physician or facility before you make your first appointment.

More and more people are taking the time to perform searches, and obtaining all the information they can so they can be sure they are getting the most qualified individual they can for treatment of their orthopedic issues.

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