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Many patient advocate companies, as well as individual professionals exist around the country, primarily in response to an identified ever-increasing need for their professional assistance with help navigating through the difficult maze known as the Health Care System.

Patient Advocates are focused primarily one thing, helping the patient receive the best health care delivery possible. This can be done in a variety of ways depending upon the services provided.

One such company; Compass Care Management LLC, based out of Oregon, Ohio provides professional services ranging from accompanying patient to their doctor's office appointments to planned visits if they are hospitalized. They also offer a variety of services to help with health insurance issues that frequently arise, confusing patients as to what to do or how to reconcile the problem.

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People, for the most part, trend to feel that they are their own best advocate, but fail to realize the difficulty in making objective decisions in the face of negative information; unwanted diagnosis, frightening thoughts of undergoing strange or extensive treatments for conditions they, or a loved one may have to endure and young parents of children diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, trauma or condition.

Facilities such as "Assisted Living" environments are unbelievably expensive, costing thousands of dollars per month to reside there. Those that do not have long term care benefit coverage, surplus amounts of cash or other provisions to handle such expense are forced to relinquish their pension income to these facilities, be placed on state assistance such as Medicaid so that the facility can receive assistance to cover their expenses, given a pittance of a stipend (usually amounting to under $50 US per month) and be left wondering how all those years of hard work got them there.

Utilizing the services of a Patient Advocate or Navigator may actually help in allowing many people to remain in their homes versus Assisted Living or even Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Issues such as Disease/Condition Management, Medication Management, Physician and facility research, patients needing surgery and hospitalization, can all be addressed by the competent professionals of Compass Care Management.

With decades of clinical experience and expertise, these Navigators; all Registered Nurses, can assist clients in multiple ways.

Additionally, as the Baby Boomers continue to advance in age, with the first of that group turning 65 years old this year, the influx of people utilizing the health care system will only continue to rise.

Check out Compass Care Management LLC for more information. You'll find they can help with just about any situation that requires some professional guidance, assistance, or simply to have someone knowledgeable to turn to in a time of need.

The elderly, especially in the United States, often feel as if they are a burden to the younger generations by virtue of their declining health and mobility, rather than being looked up to for the vast years of experience and knowledge that they possess and the wisdom they could impart to the younger people.

It seems inevitable that creative, alternative options for the elderly must be developed, because costs for such facilities will overwhelm the Medicare/Medicaid systems as this age sector ultimately becomes the largest segment of the U.S. population....and they deserve better.

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