Joint Pain Remedies

Joint pain remedies abound in this day and age. They can be main-stream and “medical”, as well as alternative, herbal and natural. We’ll do our level best to touch on the most popular medical and clinical treatments as well as those that more and more people are searching for, that are less clinical or surgical.

Today, there is access to hundreds of over-the-counter medications, supplements, creams, lotions, drinks… It can make your head swim. While it’s impossible to try and cover any / all types of remedies that exist, we’ll try to touch upon some of the most commonly seen and used items out there today.

We’ll also discuss alternative treatments such as acupuncture massage therapy and magnetic therapy, as well as others, to give you an idea of just how big this market is, and just how much more aware people are becoming and wanting to try other “measures” and not just “drugs and surgery”.

With the exception of the Near Infrared Energy technology, which is an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved medical device, many of the above mentioned substances tend not to be covered by the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, in the United States anyway, so there is often little to no clinical support of these items, other than “anecdotal” input, which means information passed along by word of mouth from patients who’ve used them and by what personal observations the doctor or health care provider has made.

We don't intend to offer an “official listing” of joint pain remedies by any means, but we will try to devote meaningful space on this site to each of the more popular and potentially helpful joint pain remedies that we find. Additional topics will include, but won’t be limited to, the standards of medical practice; drugs, therapy and surgery, as well as the alternative varieties such as supplements, drinks, magnets, massage therapy and some topical applications.

One of the most widely used treatments for joint pain is the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or, “N.S.A.I.D”. These oral drugs differ from non-narcotic and narcotic pain medication, mainly because they have a completely different mechanism of action in your body.

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