Orthopedic Health Care, How We Live It

Discussing orthopedic health care, the causes of joint pain, muscle injuries as well as treatment options for osteoarthritis as well as literally hundreds of orthopedic problems, is something that bone-and-joint-pain.com strives to bring to everyone, so that they may become more educated about their orthopedic health care.

Hello. My name is Ken Chisholm. I am 56 years young and have spent the past 30+ years in the field of orthopedic surgery as a registered Nurse, Certified RN First Surgical Assistant and Orthopedic Physician Assistant.

I have spent all but a few of those years in the private practice environment, but have recently functioned as an Orthopedic Coordinator for a nearby regional medical center, charged with the duties of enhancing profitability, reduction of overall cost, educating surgical staff and above all, patient education. I am currently back in private practice where I can be closer to the patients I want to help and empower.

I have been happily married for 34 years to a wonderful lady, who is also a nurse, and have four dynamite children, three beautiful grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way.In what spare time I do have, I spend it writing and playing golf, and completely spoiling my beloved grandkids. We love to travel and vacation in Florida. Lots of golf courses there!

Howdy. My name is Ruth Anne O’Keefe. I am older than Ken with almost as much experience in the field of orthopedic health care. I am a retired orthopedic surgeon and a life-long teacher. Since retiring from surgery I have slogged it out in the classroom teaching students from grade school to medical school. I find orthopedic surgery to be the most exciting, gratifying work in the world. Teaching, both clinicians and patients, about orthopedic pathology is one of the best parts of the job.

I am married to my best friend, my Sweet Ed. We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, close to our four children and nine grandchildren. We take the job of grand-parenting very seriously and enjoy it greatly.

I believe knowledge is power. Understanding the pathophysiology of musculoskeletal disease can help in coping with its consequences. I believe in patients being in control of their medical treatments and understanding treatment alternatives completely.

Our best weapon in defeating disease is our understanding of the disease process. Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis should be a cooperative effort between the patient and their healthcare workers.

I hope you will take advantage of our years of experience in the field of musculoskeletal disease. I hope we can teach you something and I know we will learn from you.

How We Got; "Here".

My association with my “partner in crime”, mentor and former employer, Ruth A. O’Keefe M.D., has spanned many years. She is one special lady / doctor. She has as profound a desire to empower people through education as I have, and she takes that passion to high levels.

“Dr. Ruth” and I have had the blessing and honor of participating in several medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic over the years. The experience has been humbling, and inspiring, all at the same time.

It has given me a deeper appreciation of what I/we have. To provide orthopedic health care to the gracious and grateful people of the Dominican Republic was a special honor for us.

We also have had fun over the years, mixing levity with "business" and keeping a sense of humor and humility that allowed us to be inspired by our patients while giving the best orthopedic health care possible.

Dr. Ruth's fun-loving disposition and caring nature brought many a smile to our patients and colleagues, particularly due to our annual holiday cards that we "posed" for.

The main reason for developing this web site in collaboration with Dr. O’Keefe was borne out of over 30 years of caring for patients who, after just being seen by their doctor, still had questions and concerns about what was told to them. Some did not understand the information at all, while others needed further explanation.

Our passion is to inform, educate and empower people with knowledge and understanding of their orthopedic health, that they may better care for themselves, and get the best orthopedic health care possible.

This passion could not have been realized as well as it has been to date without the knowledge, expertise and personal help of Solo Build It.com and their ability to help regular individuals like us reach the vast number of people on the Internet with our information.

The creation of our website has been the fulfillment of a long-standing dream which will enhance others’ lives, while enriching ours at the same time.

We would invite all those visiting our site to send us questions and comments about how we are doing, and what other information you’d like to see in these pages. Please use our “Contact Us” form to reach us.

Additionally, for those of you interested in realizing your own passions and dreams, perhaps Solo Build It.com can help you too!

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